Anzac Indigenous Cultural Study Tour

2017 Winners

Congratulations to the 2017 winners:

Sophie Saffy – Charleville State High School
Ayden Campbell – Urangan State High School
Ebony Pearson – Pimlico State High School
Chelsea Hillam – Flagstone Community College
Jessie Dolman – Chinchilla State High School

Each of the above listed students are program participants of the Indigenous Student Ambassador Network (ISAN) which provides Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students in Years 10 to 12 with leadership experiences, opportunities and support.

The ISAN promotes a strong sense of cultural identity and leadership amongst all of its program participants, and it is expected that the Anzac Indigenous Cultural Study Tour will further enhance the above listed students’ development. 

About the Tour

The Queensland Government recognises that Anzac Day is owned by all Australians and the tradition of respecting the sacrifice of our ancestors must be passed down through the generations. 

As the traditional owners and first peoples of Australia, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people hold a prominent place in Australia’s history. Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders have served in every conflict and commitment involving Australia prior to, and at the time of Federation, from the Boer War to World War 1 and 2 through to present day military operations.

The Anzac Indigenous Cultural Study Tour encourages young Indigenous Queenslanders to better understand the contribution of Indigenous service personnel to the Anzac legacy and share their knowledge with others. The tour aims to celebrate and value the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander cultures in the context of their contribution and sacrifice in Australia’s involvement in wars and conflicts.

According to the Australian War Memorial, despite many Indigenous Australians who tried to enlist being rejected on the grounds of their race, more than 1000 Indigenous Australians fought for the British Empire in the First World War. In the Second World War, more than 1100 men of the Torres Strait Islands alone volunteered to serve in the Torres Strait Light Infantry Battalion. As a proportion of the population, no part of Australia volunteered to serve at the same rate as the Torres Strait Islanders. Remarkable contributions given that during those periods, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people were not recognised as citizens. Since then, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders have served in all conflicts in which Australia has participated.

Participants will connect with history in a tangible and meaningful way, providing life-learning and leadership experiences to support participants for years to come. Through their participation in learning and cultural activities, the tour provides an opportunity for the development of globally connected young people who may be inspired to become leaders and role models in their schools and communities.

The students will undertake research on service personnel and attend a research workshop at the State Library of Queensland prior to visiting key sites and memorials in Australia and New Zealand.

The study tour provides participants with the opportunity to travel to the Australian War Memorial in Canberra and to visit numerous Anzac sites in New Zealand to learn about the Anzac experience and tradition first hand. The tour of New Zealand also gives the students an opportunity to learn about the customs, traditions and history of another Indigenous culture, that of the Māori people of New Zealand (Aotearoa).

The Anzac Indigenous Cultural Study Tour is open to eligible Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander students in Years 9-12 (in 2017) who are participating in the Solid Pathways Program or the Indigenous Student Ambassador Network.

The prize includes study tour expenses including travel, insurance, accommodation and meals.

Entry Details

Entries for the 2017 Anzac Indigenous Cultural Study tour are now closed.

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