For parents, families and caregivers

The following services assist parents, families and care givers with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander schooling.

Community education counsellors

Community education counsellors (CECs) work closely with guidance officers and their local communities, and provide a significant service to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students. More than 100 community education counsellors are located generally in schools with significant numbers of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students, as well as in clusters of schools throughout the state. District community education counsellors advocate on behalf of students where a community education counsellor is not available. For more information parents can contact their local school.

Indigenous knowledge centres

A network of 22 Indigenous knowledge centres (IKCs) exist in remote and regional communities across Cape York, the Northern Peninsula Area, the islands of the Torres Strait, Central Queensland and at Cherbourg in South East Queensland. These IKCs:
  • empower communities through new technologies, literacy and learning
  • embrace local knowledge, culture and heritage
  • share experience from a rich and dynamic Indigenous world, keeping culture strong for generations. 

Torres Strait Islanders Regional Education Council

Torres Strait Islanders' Regional Education Council (TSIREC) was founded in 1981 as a community-based advocacy body to represent the educational interests of the Torres Strait region. For over 25 years, the council has been an essential link between community and government, providing advice at both federal and state levels on strategic policy development and reform.

QSchools app

QSchools app is a convenient way to receive up-to-the-minute information from and about schools.


Planning QCE Pathways has information on Senior Education in Queensland for parents and carers including pathway planning.

Student Connect

Student Connect gives information on student learning accounts for senior education and training (SET) planning.

Transition Support Services

Transition Support Services (TSS) helps Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students from remote communities on Cape York and Palm Island who have to leave home to complete secondary schooling. The TSS specifically helps students to gain and take up placement at boarding school.

Let’s Stay Put

Let's Stay Put (LSP) looks at the effects of moving schools, encourages students to stay at one school for as long as possible and shows how to decrease the impact of moving schools through a range of information, case studies and resources.

Ratep – Community based Teacher Education Program

The Ratep program​ helps increase the number of registered Indigenous teachers and paraprofessionals in Queensland by offering programs in the home communities of the student teachers.

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10 February 2015
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19 February 2015