Welcome to Country and Acknowledgment of Country protocols

Practices such as Welcome to Country and Acknowledgment of Country enable the wider community to share in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander culture and lead to better community relationships and understanding. Observing these practices connects participants with the Country and provides a welcoming atmosphere and spiritual presence to the place upon which people are meeting.

The department has developed the following resources to guide its employees to organise a Welcome to Country and acknowledge Traditional Owners and custodians of the land:
  • A4 'Acknowledgment of Country' statement by the department to show respect for the traditional owners of the land on which a meeting or event is taking place.
  • Acknowledgment of Country fold-out business card, which can be used by departmental staff when an Acknowledgment of Country is required.
  • Welcome to Country postcard, which discusses and displays the text for the Welcome to Country custom.

Acknowledgment of Country statement

Last reviewed
6 May 2016
Last updated
18 May 2016