Support services

​The following services for educators and professional partners support Indigenous early childhood development.

Queensland kindergarten learning guideline professional development resources

The Queensland Curriculum and Assessment Authority provides a wide range of resources to support teachers implementing quality kindergarten programs. Professional topics under inclusion and diversity provide links to resources specifically aimed at supporting Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children’s learning and engagement.​​

Knowledge Circle

The Knowledge Circle is a resource to support workers in their efforts to help keep Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children safe and happy in their communities, including child and family resources, discussion forums, and webinars.

Indigenous professional support unit

The Indigenous professional support unit provides professional development and support to meet the identified local needs of eligible Indigenous child care services and their staff.

Dandiiri—Inala School and Community Library
The Dandiiri—Inala School and Community Library has a comprehensive collection that includes books, DVDs, artefacts, puzzles and toys with an Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander focus. There is a teacher librarian who can assist teachers with materials to support their development of classroom and curriculum resources.

Last reviewed
26 March 2015
Last updated
26 March 2015​